Top 10 Airlines To Fly In And Around Australia

Australia, with its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and diverse cultural attractions, is a dream destination for travellers around the globe. Navigating the skies in and around the Land Down Under requires careful consideration of airlines that offer reliable services, comfort, and extensive connectivity. 

Plan your next trip and find the best one-way or round-trip flights to Australia from anywhere in the world. Whether you prioritize luxury, affordability, or global connectivity, these airlines have proven themselves as reliable choices for navigating the skies in and around the Land Down Under. As you plan your journey, consider the unique offerings of these airlines to ensure your travel experience is seamless and enjoyable. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 10 airlines that stand out, ensuring a seamless travel experience for those exploring Australia’s vast and diverse regions.

  • Qantas Airways: The Spirit of Australia

As the flagship carrier of Australia, Qantas Airways is synonymous with excellence in aviation. Operating from major airports across the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Qantas offers an extensive network of domestic and international flights. Known for its commitment to safety, comfort, and exceptional service, Qantas embodies the spirit of Australia in the skies.

  • Virgin Australia: Stylish Travel Down Under

Virgin Australia, a major player in the Australian aviation scene, provides travelers with a stylish and comfortable travel experience. Operating from key airports such as Sydney and Melbourne, Virgin Australia offers domestic and international flights. With modern cabins, in-flight entertainment, and a focus on passenger satisfaction, Virgin Australia is a top choice for discerning travelers.

  • Jetstar Airways: Budget-Friendly Flights

Jetstar Airways, a subsidiary of Qantas, caters to budget-conscious travelers while maintaining high standards of service. Operating from major airports including Sydney and Melbourne, Jetstar offers affordable domestic and international flights. With its no-frills approach and competitive fares, Jetstar is a popular choice for those seeking economical travel options.

  • Emirates: Connecting Australia to the World

Emirates, though not based in Australia, offers extensive connectivity to and from major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Renowned for its luxurious service and modern fleet, Emirates provides travelers with a seamless connection to destinations around the world, making it a preferred choice for international journeys.

  • Singapore Airlines: Asia-Pacific Excellence

Singapore Airlines, operating from key Australian cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, offers excellence in service and connectivity. As a major carrier in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore Airlines provides passengers with a comfortable and well-rounded travel experience, making it a top choice for flights to and from Australia.

  • Air New Zealand: Trans-Tasman Expertise

While not based in Australia, Air New Zealand is a prominent carrier connecting Australia to New Zealand and beyond. Operating from cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Air New Zealand provides travelers with a friendly and customer-focused travel experience, especially for those exploring the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand.

  • Cathay Pacific: Pacific Rim Elegance

Cathay Pacific, though based in Hong Kong, is a key player in the Australian aviation landscape. Operating from major cities including Sydney and Melbourne, Cathay Pacific offers passengers a touch of Pacific Rim elegance. Known for its comfortable cabins and exceptional service, Cathay Pacific is a preferred choice for those traveling between Australia and Asia.

  • Qatar Airways: Globally Renowned

Qatar Airways, with a presence in major Australian cities, connects the continent to destinations worldwide. Operating from cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Qatar Airways is known for its luxurious service, modern amenities, and extensive global network, making it a top choice for international travelers exploring Australia.

  • Etihad Airways: Arabian Hospitality Down Under

Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, is a significant player in the Australian aviation scene. Operating from cities including Sydney and Melbourne, Etihad Airways brings Arabian hospitality to Australian skies. With a focus on passenger comfort and a global network, Etihad Airways is a preferred choice for those seeking seamless travel connections.

  • Hawaiian Airlines: Pacific Paradise Links

Hawaiian Airlines, while not based in Australia, provides connections to the Pacific paradise from major Australian cities. Operating from Sydney, Hawaiian Airlines offers a unique travel experience, especially for those looking to explore the beautiful landscapes and culture of Hawaii.


Fly to Australia and explore vast and diverse landscapes, along with its thriving cities, making it a destination that attracts travellers from all corners of the world. The top 10 airlines listed above cater to the varied needs of passengers exploring Australia and its neighbouring regions. Fly high and explore the skies with confidence, knowing that these top airlines are ready to take you on your next adventure in Australia.

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