Small Salon Interior Design – Best Design Ideas [2023]

Crafting a stylish, intimate, and functional salon within a small space is no minor feat. However, with a blend of creativity, expertise, and strategic planning, it’s absolutely achievable. In this article, we delve into the world of compact Small Salon Interior Design, offering insights from established experts, and practical tips grounded in the consensus of scientific research on design principles and human psychology.

1. Embracing Efficient Small Salon Interior Design

Embracing Efficient Small Salon Interior Design

Small Salon Interior Design doesn’t have to equate to limited functionality. Consider space-saving furniture such as foldable or wall-mounted stations, ergonomic chairs, and slimline storage units. Utilize every corner, perhaps transforming a window sill into a product display, or a wall into a captivating mural that doubles as a backdrop for customer selfies.

2. Cultivating a Cozy Salon Interior

Cultivating a Cozy Salon Interior

Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere is crucial in an intimate salon space. Use soft, warm lighting and include elements like rugs, throws, and cushions. Natural elements like plants and wood can lend a tranquil touch, while mirrors can not only be functional but can make a space feel larger and more open.

3. Color Schemes for Small Salon Interior Design

Color Schemes for Small Salon Interior Design

Color plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance of a salon. Light hues like pastels, off-whites, and beiges can help a small space appear larger and brighter. For a trendy, modern small salon, consider a monochrome scheme or one using varying shades of the same color. Remember, the chosen color palette should reflect your salon’s brand identity and evoke positive emotions among clients.

4. Optimizing Storage in a Compact Salon

In a small salon, smart storage solutions are essential to avoid clutter and maintain a tidy appearance. Hidden storage options, vertical shelving, and multi-purpose furniture pieces can all play a role. Keep often-used tools accessible, yet unobtrusive, and present products in an organized, appealing way.

5. Lighting: Brightening Your Small Salon Space

Lighting: Brightening Your Small Salon Space

Lighting is key in any salon, regardless of size. With proper lighting, you can dramatically improve the functionality and aesthetics of your salon. Natural light is a boon; however, strategically placed artificial lighting such as spotlights, LED strips, and ambient lights can also do wonders.

6. Maximizing Seating in a Small Salon

Maximizing Seating in a Small Salon

Creative solutions like bench seating or modular furniture can maximize seating in a compact salon. Ensure that your salon’s flow isn’t disrupted, maintaining sufficient space for clients and staff to move around comfortably. Remember, customer comfort is paramount.

7. Flooring for a Stylish Small Salon

Flooring for a Stylish Small Salon

When choosing flooring, practicality and aesthetics should go hand in hand. Laminate, vinyl, or ceramic tiles are all easy-to-clean, durable options. Choose a color and pattern that complements the overall decor and withstands high traffic without losing its charm.

8. Creating an Efficient Workflow in Your Salon

Creating an Efficient Workflow in Your Salon

Design your salon with a logical, efficient workflow in mind. From the reception area to hair washing stations, styling chairs to the retail area, the customer journey should be seamless. A well-thought-out layout can ensure an enjoyable, stress-free experience for both your clients and staff.

9. Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Small Salon

When selecting equipment, consider multi-functional and compact pieces. A comfortable, all-purpose chair that can accommodate a variety of services from cutting to coloring can save a lot of space. Other options include mobile trays for tools, compact hair dryers, and slimline trolleys for your products and tools.

10. Implementing a Minimalist Salon Design

Minimalism doesn’t mean bare and uninviting. In fact, minimalist salon design can be stylish and functional. Choose each piece of furniture and decor carefully, with an emphasis on functionality, while maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic. Less clutter means a smoother workflow and easier cleaning.

11. Creating a Boutique Salon Interior

A boutique salon offers an upscale, personalized experience to clients. Plush, comfortable seating, luxurious textiles, a refined color palette, and quality salon tools can all help to create an exclusive boutique feel. Remember, it’s all about attention to detail.

12. Ventilation and Air Quality in a Small Salon

Proper ventilation is critical, especially in a small salon space. Ensure your salon has adequate air flow, and consider an air purifier to maintain a pleasant, healthy environment. The use of green plants can also help improve indoor air quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a small salon look bigger? 

Light colors, strategic lighting, mirrors, and minimalist decor can all contribute to a more spacious feel in a small salon.

2. What are some good decor ideas for a small salon? 

Plants, artwork, stylish mirrors, attractive product displays, and cozy textiles can all make a small salon more appealing.

3. Can a small salon be profitable? 

Absolutely! With a carefully curated service menu, efficient use of space, and a memorable, enjoyable customer experience, a small salon can certainly be successful and profitable.

4. How can I optimize space in a small salon reception area? 

Opt for a compact reception desk and utilize wall-mounted storage solutions. A wall mirror can make the space appear larger, while a small seating area with slimline chairs can provide comfort without consuming too much space.

5. How to design a small salon window display? 

Highlight your best products or promotional items in the display. Make sure it’s well-lit and regularly updated to attract passers-by. A seasonal theme can be eye-catching and relevant.

6. How can I make my small salon more eco-friendly? 

Use energy-efficient lighting and equipment, opt for sustainable materials for decor and furniture, offer eco-friendly products, and implement recycling practices in your salon.


Designing a small salon space doesn’t have to feel restrictive. Instead, consider it a challenge to bring forth your creativity and strategic thinking. With a well-planned layout, efficient use of space, thoughtful color palette, proper lighting, strategic storage, and comfort-driven seating, your Small Salon Interior Design can be transformed into an inviting, stylish, and productive space.

Never underestimate the power of interior design in setting the mood, functionality, and overall success of your salon. With these expert-guided insights and suggestions, you can now bring to life your vision of a chic, cozy, and intimate salon space.

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